The folks at LogicPrep are smart. Very smart, in fact. Between their offices in New York and São Paulo, they're helping dozens of students each year do better in school and get into the colleges of their dreams.
It was no surprise that after thriving during their early start-up years, and finding themselves on two continents, they decided it was time to up their design IQ with a brand refresh and some new printed pieces to match their academic and business successes. I was able to design three booklets for them to use as tools to expand their client base and grow their brand.
The cornerstone of any company's brand is its logo, and LogicPrep was ready to refresh theirs. I was able to streamline the look by updating the typeface to ultra legible, always classic Futura, and replaced their mark with a strong and sophisticated badge logo.
One of the most interesting components of this projects was one that I had never encountered before. Because LogicPrep had just launched their new São Paulo location, some of the materials needed to be typeset in Portuguese. Thankfully, LogicPrep's team was able to do the proofreading, as we don't speak much Portuguese here in the South.

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