Contracted by a national ad agency, three executions as part of a full concept deck for the Urbane line of scrubs under Landau. Client was seeking a brand refresh that felt more gender neutral and exciting than their existing creative. Target audience is mid-level hospital employees who are outdoorsy and very active.
Concept 01: You’re going places. Take the right scrubs with you. (CLIENT SELECTION)
You’ve got plans – in your career and outside of work. Things to achieve. Places to be. Things to see and do. Whether you’re assisting in the OR, taking a yoga or CrossFit class or starting a night shift, take Urbane with you every step of the way.
Concept 02: Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion.
You never stop moving. We know that. There’s always something to keep you up and going, and you need work wear that’s going to move and shake right along with you. You just keep going – Urbane is right there.
Concept 03: This ain’t a hobby, and it ain’t a desk job.
Medical work is hard. work. It’s not all lab coats and charts. Fast-paced and high-energy situations may call for a little muscle but also requires scrubs that can keep up with the demands of the job. Urbane’s got your back.
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